Thanksgiving with the Mosier-Ortiz-Browns!!!

Thanksgiving with the Mosier-Ortiz-Browns!!!
Ortiz and Brown cooking the 25lb er!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introduction to me!

Well this is a new thing for me and I have been told i should start this as a little insight to my little family (well not exactly little but you will see) I am married to my wonderful husband Paul who is currently serving in the US Army and I am from England...we have 5 beautiful children and currently live in Augusta,GA.

Life can get a little testing with so many children and you have to become a little creative in how to get through those times with a smile and not retorting to a glass of red and a dark room!
I can't wait to hear about all your ideas you have for getting through the tough times....Deployments,TDY's and general mish mash that goes along with being a military wife and mother!
I too will be adding my ideas and woes of the week so introduce yourselves and lets get through this roller coaster we call life with a smile and a friend right???


  1. I just wanted to be the first to comment! Yay for me!
    Anyways, I am a Army wife of 10 Years! My husband and I have 3 children together. I have found that you need good friends and family in order to stay sane as a Army Wife. My husband and I have been apart for more then half of our marriage and its been the family and friends that I have come to rely on and depend on to keep me afloat. So if you want to be a successful Army wife get yourself some good friends and stay close to your family! Thats my two cents! > Tracy Coahran

  2. Ok, so today I have already had the smartie pants comments about how this maybe a short blog about my life on facebook so let's see if we can mix it up a bit!!
    Tis the holiday season and I have a houseful of military family again this year...still, should be a little lighter than last year as I was 4 days off giving birth to my beautiful baby girl Blossom! There was definitely more than one very over stuffed bird last year for sure!!
    But once again we have a houseful, just the way we like it.Deep fried turkey is gonna be a new one on me though,living in the deep south here you find that a lot does get fried or deep fried but turkey??? Oh well...nothing ventured right??
    Sweet Potato casseroles with marshmallows? I'm shaking my head but can't help thinking this is gonna be sickly good!!
    I'm no Martha Stewart (for the Americans) and no Jamie Oliver (for the Brits) but i can't help but crave some Paxo and Bisto gravy...and I cannot tell you what I would do for some Birds Custard!! Yummo!
    Kids are looking forward to it all and so far haven't found anything they won't hoover up! Even Blossom gets to try her first Thanksgiving dinner!! Look out for pictures!!
    So today is about baking some goodies with the kids...will they make it to the holiday?? Doubt it!!!!

  3. Tracy is a very good friend of mine that I found here in Fort Gordon,GA and she has since moved to Alabama...miss you Tracy and no doubt we can share some funny stories on here!!!

  4. I love you! I admire you so much. I love how your life is so hectic but you always some how find time to make me smile. I look forward to reading more. You're such an amazing friend and person.