Thanksgiving with the Mosier-Ortiz-Browns!!!

Thanksgiving with the Mosier-Ortiz-Browns!!!
Ortiz and Brown cooking the 25lb er!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Mosier-Ortiz-Browns!!!

Well this year was definitely a new one for me...I never knew you could DEEP FRY  a turkey for one thing!!
We had to have this cooked outside and it was very much the mans job this year, not that I minded though..i was left to make another unusual dish for me ( as if all this wasn't different enough for the Brit that I am) Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows???? Oh people why oh why?!!! It was a bizarre taste i have to say but definitely  an interesting one!
So we had a huge dinner at our house with an untold number of kiddos running about and having to do the emergency chairs thing and taking it in shifts to feed everyone starting with our kids who we all seemed to huddle over..each parent to thier child,willing them on to EAT FASTER....almost like a telepathic look , you know, like the one your mum used to give you if you never ate all your sprouts....ugh...just so we could still eat the mix of warm and cooler dishes (depending on which one had sat out the longest !!!) delicious it was and i am looking forward to next year, but the sad thing about that is that the faces around the table were different last year and they will be different again next year.....I guess that's the military for you but it does mean that every year you have something and somebody different to be thankful for.Not to mention a bunch of new friends to remember to add to the Christmas card list this year!

We also included our little Blossom's 1st birthday celebration this week too.....a distinct cupcake mess to say the least!! Since we gave her pressies to open too she now seems to think that everything under the tree is for her as well now....Rookie has now become a game of cat and mouse around the room as to where she is and the leaps from the couch as we hear the rustling of paper from behind us followed by the war cry of "NOOOOOOO" !!!
Naturally she thinks it's hilarious. Would a small electric fence around the presents this year be entirely inappropriate???

Well is to tackling the next holiday that is swiftly descending upon us!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and here is to the madness we call Christmas....let's now forget the real reason for the holiday and give thanks for all we have around us this year...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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